On March 2, the Diákolimpia B County 4-a-side basketball final (non-federated players) was played in the arena of our Institute. We played two games, winning the first and qualifying for the final, losing the same with which we were runners-up.

A mérkőzésen készült képek megtekinthetőek itt: Galéria


Semifinal: István Türr Pápa 26-70 Vetési.

Match to rotate everyone and play for the final that we knew was going to be very tough. The boys entered the match very well (1-23 at the end of the 1st and 1-36 with 2' remaining), which made it possible for us to enjoy the match.

Final: Vetesi 42-63 Noszlopy.

Runners-up of the Diákolimpia B del Condado. Noszlopy was better and minute by minute the distances increased until the final +21. Still, we played a much better game than 20 days ago, but it wasn't enough against a great rival with a very good game and more success. The rival, very closed in defense, based his game on coming out quickly on the counterattack and his physical superiority inside the zone.

Congratulations to a great team that has deserved to be in the Kecskemét National Final. For our part, it remains to say goodbye to a large group of players and people who this year finish the Institute and go to the University where I hope they continue playing basketball and enjoying it.

Personally, I can only thank you for these years and congratulate you for your great attitude at all times. Thank you very much, guys, it has been a pleasure to be your "coach".

Final year players:


Dézsi Belián
Tápler-Dégi Dominik
Sári Márk
Somogyi Dániel


Perlaki Bence

Erdelyi Benedek 
Fehér Áron 
Lőrincz Dániel
Majko Zsombor 

Other players:

Ács Benedek

Francia Gábor

Szijjártó Áron
Antal Máté

Fónagy Balázs


David Martos Bertelli, edző.