On December 14, Diákolimpia A team played the final 4 regional against 3 High Schools of cities of great tradition in Hungarian basketball. Nagy Lajos HS from Szombathely (host), Kolcsey Ferenc from Zalaegerszeg) and the Croatian school Miroslav Krleza from Pécs.


We knew about the difficulty of the matches because the category is U20 and the majority of the team is U18, so it was physically difficult for us to reach the physical level. So we went ahead and tried to enjoy the experience competing 100% and we did it!

The team was with two last minute casualties, one of them Áron Perlaky, our starting center, due to an ankle injury with VUKE.

Once the draw was made, we played against the Kolcsey Ferenc HS of Zalaegerszeg, a team that has several players from the Hungarian national teams.

Kölcsey Ferenc Zalaegerszeg 68-28 Vetési Albert Vp. (34-11, 24-15, 9-2). The rival was much superior and won with solvency, but we must be very proud of the boys because at no time did they lower their arms or play with fear or make any bad gesture.

Match for bronze:

Vetési 78-95 Miroslav Krleza-Pécs. Great game despite the defeat. The rival, physically much superior, started the game very well and got +10 in the first quarter. In the second we managed to stop their game with good transitions but they kept adding up to +13. After the break we got to 54-61, but they took advantage of an unsportsmanlike foul to score 5 points in a row and the advantage oscillated, from that moment, between 8 and 17 final points, which was the maximum.

In defense we needed to be more aggressive in the Pick and Roll defense and pressing the ball. In attack, we play at a very good offensive rhythm.

Thus, we have been fourth in this final 4, which means being among the best 25-32 High School teams in the country, quite an achievement considering that the category is U20 and the bulk of the team is still U18.

We have finished Diákolimpia A matches for this course, but there is still Diákolimpia B.

Next year, more Kosárlabda.

Players list:

1. Bence Perlaki 12.B
2. Áron Perlaky 10.C
3. Matyi Végh 9.D
4. Benedek Ács 11.A
5. Levente Kiss 10.A
6. Ádám Nagy-Zsugya 10.D
7. Andor Bagarus 9.ny/D
8. Béla Bihary 11.A
9. Áron Fehér 12.D
10. Áron Szijjártó 10.A
11. Ádám Varga 10.B
12. Lorincz Daniel 12.D
13. Gergő Horváth 9.A
14. Miksa Simon 9.ny/D

A beszámolót írta: Martos Bertelli David edző