Vetési 71-37 Széchenyi Tapolca.
25-9, 13-7 (38-16), 20-10 (58-26) and 13-11.
Good game of ours against a rival better than the previous one due to physicality and shooting skills.

We all started very well although we got stuck in attack in the second period, which made us distance ourselves on the scoreboard but we did not completely break the game.
In the second half we just broke it and we were able to distribute many minutes among the less usual preparing for the next two games.


The team placed second because the Türr Pápa High School, the defending champions of the County and favorites, won 50-10 both times. So the next matches to be played in Vetési, against Türr and Banki, from Ajka, on November 10th will be final to elucidate from 1st to 3rd place and, therefore, who qualifies for the next phase.

It should be noted that the county champion qualifies directly for the January 4 regional final, while the runner-up must play a qualifying round in December against another runner-up from another county to be able to play that final 4.

Best of all, the team is very young and has a path not only for this year, but for future courses.

1. Perlaki Bence 12B
2. Perlaky Áron 10C
3. Végh Mátyás 9D
4. Ács Benedek 11A
5. Bihary Béla 11.A
6. Nagy-Zsugya Ádám 10D
7. Horváth Gergő 9A
8. Bagarus Andor 9NYD
9. Fehér Áron 12D
10. Szijjártó Áron 10A
11. Varga Ádám 10B
12. Lőrincz Dániel 12D