Vetési Basketball begins with victory in Diakolimpia A 2021-22.

On Thursday the 14th, the Vetési men's basketball team began its journey in Diákolimpia A, beating the Thuri György institute from Várpalota.

This school year in the County of Veszprém only 5 teams have registered, so we have a unique group in which we will play all against all and in which the winner will go to the regional final 8 regional the second will have to play a back to back against another second of another county to reach the final 8.

The rival teams of our institute are: Thuri György from Várpalota,
Széchenyi István from Tapolca, Türr István from Pápa and Bánki Dónat from Ajka.

Vetési's team is made up of 14 guys:

1. Perlaki Bence 12B
2. Perlaki Áron 10C
3. Végh Mátyás 9D
4. Ács Benedek 11A
5. Kiss Levente 10A
6. Nagy-Zsugya Ádám 10D
7. Horváth Gergő 9A
8. Bagarus Andor 9NYD
9. Lőrincz Dániel 12D
10. Fehér Áron 12D
11. Szijjártó Áron 10A
12. Simon Miksa 9NYD
13. Varga Ádám 10B
14. Bihari Béla 11A

As for the coaching staff, this year it is made up of Tamás Kovács, who has always been in charge of the papers, but this season Gábor Kerekes has joined, who is also the women's coach. The coach in charge of the team is the teacher David Martos.

Vetési 80-39 Várpalota (25-6; 21-10; 8-13 and 26-10).

During the game we were able to rotate and join the boys since for 80% it was their 1st or 2nd Diákolimpia.

We started with a great game and the changes did not slow down, only in the third period, in which the rival played very well and in which we made tests for the next matches in which there will be more demand since the team He is very young and that can help us build not only for this season but for the following ones.

Next Thursday, the 21st, in Ajka we have the second match, against Széchenyi István Baptista de Tapolca, a tougher rival.

The most important thing about this first game is to have the feeling that we are on the right track.
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