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Fiu kosar semifSemifinal:

Vetési 29-38 Tancsics. 9-12; 1-9 (10-21); 15-12 (25-33) and 4-5.

We left the semifinal quite cold and made a very weak first quarter, but the partial of the second quarter clearly shows the great problems we had in attack during the whole game; it was difficult for us to give more than two passes in a row without the opponent stealing our ball or making our offensive circulation very difficult. Only a good scoring streak during the end of the third period saved us from not scoring more than 20 points, but we did not defend well and we could not overcome a fairly large disadvantage. The lack of regularity during the 40 minutes made us not able to qualify for the final against an opponent who punished our defensive mistakes very well and took advantage of our little collaboration in attack.


Bronze Match:

Jendrassik 58-53 Vetési. 19-10; 10-6 (29-16); 2-16 (31-32); 12-11 (43-43); 4-4 (47-47) and 11-6.

After playing a horrific first part in terms of attitude and concentration, the defensive change to the zone served to begin to understand the game as something of a team and to communicate (unfortunately we had to make this change to understand something basic in the game).

We got to lead by 7 in the last period, but the physical fatigue (we played two games in a row) and the defensive mistakes they took advantage of gave the opportunity to go to extra time thanks to the success from the outside and the free throws of his best player. It should be noted that we had two free throws to win 10 seconds before the final and we were not able to convert them.

In the first overtime we were leading +4 but again we didn't know how to win the game. Leading by two we gave them the opportunity to attack when we had possession and less than 20 seconds left for the final and a foul on their best shooter gave them the opportunity to tie. After that we chose a bad shot from the three points line instead of doing like them and forcing a foul, we failed and went to the second extension. In the second extension they were much better than us and they won.

In summary, we have classified in fourth position in Veszprém County. As for the important thing, we improved our game and the competitiveness. Some players have taken a step forward and have faced the games with a good mentality. Looking ahead to next year we lose the only two big players we have, but we will win good team players and ball controllers. Being the shortest team (except our two centers) and with less weight (in all positions), we must continue working on the regularity and defence of 1c1.

Anyway, the competition continues, but we recover for the Veszprém Cup the federated (Category A of the "Diakolimpia"). Next year we will play another Diakolimpia A and B.


David Martos Bertelli