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Kosar DOOn Wednesday, the 26th of February, we played the pre-qualifying round for the final 4 of the Veszprém county, a match played in our institute. At 12:40 we received the Bródy institute from Ajka. We face the tie with the loss of the teacher Tamás Kovács and Áron Fehér. Even so, the match was faced with the necessary confidence, perhaps too much.


Before an opponent with 7 troops, we left the game not very active in defense and with not so much companionship in attack. Minute by minute we raise the defensive level and in the end we get a wider victory than "deserved" thanks to the team.

We could not read the closed zone defense raised by the opponent who, in a clock game, was in no hurry in attack and knew how to read and take advantage of our mistakes. When we defended better and ran better, we also knew how to pass the ball better and find our centers.

Only the fatigue of the rival, caused in part by his lack of troops and partly by our defense (individual, of course), made us play at pleasure in the last quarter. Merit of being 14 (two rest per game) and to read that there are to extend these very short matches.

So, we are classified for the final 4 of the county that will take place next Monday, March 2nd at our institute. There are three more qualified High Schools: Türr István from Pápa, Táncsics Mihály and Jendrassik, both known and Veszprém rivals.

With regard to sports, we still have a hard time concentrating the 40 minutes of the game, it is true that being 12 always in the games and being a clock run (only stops in free throws and the last two minutes) is difficult, but we must improve that since next Monday's rivals will be tough and we know that they will take advantage of our concentrations downturns.

Vetési 46-25 Bródy: 9-9; 12-6 (21-15); 9-8 (30-23) and 16-2.

Players: Péter Nagy, Dániel Bartha, Huba Scholtz, Törös Matyi, Belián Dézsi, Zsombor Majkó, Márk Sári, Somogyi Dániel, Dominik Tápler-Dégi, Péter Tóth, Máté Antal, Bence Perlaki, Süli Dániel.

Coach: David Martos Bertelli