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Kosar DMBVetési has a great start in Diákolimpia B and qualifies as second of group.

Last Thursday, February 6, Vetési's team returned to play Diákolimpia B (School Olympiad, category not federated after 8/31/2018) This group of boys is the one who trains all together every week once or twice and that, over time, ends up being noticed. I can openly say that I feel very proud of their development as basketball players in the last two years, especially in the last year and a half. We played the two first matches against Faller and Balatonfüzfo at Vetési. 

In the first game we easily beat the Varpalota team, Faller. 65-17 moving bench and playing all the players similar minutes. In the second game we won similar against Öveges from Balatonfüzfō. 72-17. Then, Tuesday 11th the boys of David Martos Bertelli and Tamás Kovács had two dispair results winning with great merit to Tancsics but losing to a great Jendrassik in the other two group matches.
Vetési 38-32 Tancsics. 8-11; 3-11 (11-22); 11-5 (22-27) and 11-12.
The rivals came out much more focused and knowing where to hurt. After the halftime we knew to turn the scoreboard from a good defense of the weak side and a good team game in attack. We maintained a decent offensive level throughout the game, so when we knew how to defend and close the rebound we could get ahead and win in the final minutes with more slack on the scoreboard than in the game.
Then (literal), we played the last game against the organizers of the morning, Jendrassik. Mathematically classified, it was a matter of knowing the order. The victory gave us the direct pass to the final at 4 of the county, losing would make us play a preliminary tie, if we did it for less than 10 as seconds against the third of the other group and if we did it for more than 10 as third parties before the corresponding second.
Vetési 37-41 Jendrassik. 8-13; 10-3 (18-16); 11-12 (29-28) and 8-13.
We lost our game because of our own errors and concentration before an opponent who knew how to play the game and the type of competition better (clock run, own table, referees who never touch the ball and not so much callings...).
We left with Áron Fehér very plugged in but very alone, which during the second period we improved and made us get ahead. So the second part was a give and take of baskets (within the rhythm of the competition), but a bad start to the last period along with some nervousness and inexperience in tight finals gave the game to the locals who knew how to play very well putting the ball where it hurt us the most. Congratulations to the Jendrassik players, they were able to play their strengths very well.
So we have been group seconds by average in a triple tie (if Jendrassik plays his other two games against Öveges and Faller). The good news is that we will have one more game, which we want to organize; the bad one, that we didn't know how to win a match for our mistakes against an opponent who knew how to see them and punish them. Anyway we are very proud of our players, their work and attitude.
They played: Péter Nagy, Dániel Bartha, Huba Scholtz, Törös Matyi, Belián Dézsi, Áron Fehér, Zsombor Majkó, Márk Sári, Somogyi Dániel, Dominik Tápler-Dégi, Péter Tóth, Máté Antal, Bence Perlaki, Süli Dániel
Coaches: David Martos Bertelli and Tamás Kovács