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Fiu kosar semifSemifinal:

Vetési 29-38 Tancsics. 9-12; 1-9 (10-21); 15-12 (25-33) and 4-5.

We left the semifinal quite cold and made a very weak first quarter, but the partial of the second quarter clearly shows the great problems we had in attack during the whole game; it was difficult for us to give more than two passes in a row without the opponent stealing our ball or making our offensive circulation very difficult. Only a good scoring streak during the end of the third period saved us from not scoring more than 20 points, but we did not defend well and we could not overcome a fairly large disadvantage. The lack of regularity during the 40 minutes made us not able to qualify for the final against an opponent who punished our defensive mistakes very well and took advantage of our little collaboration in attack.

IMG 35882020. március 1-jén, vasárnap került megrendezésre a Fiú Torna Diákolimpia "B" kategória Országos Elődöntője. A nevezett 17 csapat közül a legjobb 12 jutott be az országos döntőbe, melyet szintén Budapesten rendeznek. Csapatunk minden tagja kiválóan versenyzett, mind a negy szeren jó gyakorlatot mutattak be a fiúk, melynek eredménye, hogy 11. helyen ott vagyunk a döntőben. Alapvető célunk ez volt, melyet véghezvittünk. Emellett Abafalvi Laci egyéni összetettben 8. helyezett, Mátyás Balázs 20. helyezett lett.

A csapat tagjai: Pónácz András 10.A, Erdődy Sámuel 10.C, Rózsa Ákos 12.B, Mátyás Balázs 10.B, Abafalvi László 12.B

Kovács Tamás
testnevelő tanár

Kosar DOOn Wednesday, the 26th of February, we played the pre-qualifying round for the final 4 of the Veszprém county, a match played in our institute. At 12:40 we received the Bródy institute from Ajka. We face the tie with the loss of the teacher Tamás Kovács and Áron Fehér. Even so, the match was faced with the necessary confidence, perhaps too much.