Vetési Diákolimpia B boys qualify for the County Final 4 that will be played next Wednesday, March 2nd, in Vetési after playing two very different games.


1) First match. Feb. 10. Vetési 44-73 Noszlopy.

Horrible game in all aspects. We came out totally unfocused and only in the second period were we able to play well against an opponent who took advantage of our lousy game.

2) Second match. Vetesi 74-24 Padanyi.

After finishing 2nd in the group, we played a qualifying match for Final 4 against Padányi, who finished third in its group.

We could play a good game in which we recovered the sensations of playing as a team and polished some mistakes in defense, especially the defensive balance and the back. We were able to distribute minutes making several quintets and everyone playing. Great attitude from both teams, ours were focused and the rival played their best basketball.

For all this, the match has been useful to regain sensations (two weeks ago they were horrible) and qualify us for the Final 4 and extend the last dance of many players, because 9 of the 14 players finish this course in High School and they deserve it.

So next Wednesday we will play the County Final 4 at home. The semifinal will be against Türr, from Pápa, (same rival as in Diákolimpia A). If we manage to get through to the final, Noszlopy, the team that beat us two weeks ago, will almost certainly be waiting for us.

The County winner will qualify for the National Final to be held in Balatonfüred. Although we have already lost a game, playing at home, learning from our mistakes and going for it all are our “tricks” to be able to qualify for the final and win it.

A beszámolót írta: David Martos Bertelli