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The Vetési's boys win the Veszprém County Championship in a spectacular match against Türr from Pápa and with great solvency against Bánki (Ajka).
At stake was not only the Championship but two places to qualify, directly to the final at 4 Regional, if we won and to a previous qualifying round if we were runners-up and, finally, we were able to qualify with merit and brilliance.

1- Vetési 87-85 Türr Pápa.
27-13; 24-19 (51-32); 18-24 (69-56) and 18-29.

Knowing that Pápa beat Ajka by 9 on Monday, we entered the game very strongly, achieving a partial score of 27-13 (1st quarter) and 51-32 (halftime) defending the rival with suffocating pressure that they could not solve until the third period began.
After a very bad start to the second half, our team recovered and managed to maintain the advantage above 10 points, but the 46 free throws conceded (for our 28) gave wings to an opponent who did not stop fighting until the last second in which he made a triple that left 2 the final difference.
We lacked a bit of cold blood as the game entered a spiral of protests and kind of basketball that did not benefit us at all. Anyway our 23/28 (82%) in free shots versus its 32/46 (69%), makes it clear that we were focused.
It has been the most beautiful game We have played in years.

2- Vetési 69-51 Bánki Ajka.
23-7; 19-13 (41-20); 13-12 (59-32) and 14-19.

We had to win to be champions and we came out very focused, and we could lead during the third quarter by 33 which allowed us to rotate and give minutes to the less usual players, which because of the intensity of the previous game we were all grateful.

Thus, champions of the County of Veszprém with a 4-0 record, which classifies us directly to the final 4 regional that we want to organize in Vetési.

The boys have been able to read the importance of each game and that has allowed us to qualify directly with a very good game. There is no other than to congratulate them for the great work.

1. Bence Perlaki 12B
2. Áron Perlaky 10C
3. Matyi Végh 9D
4. Benedek Ács 11A
5. Kiss 10A lens
6. Ádám Nagy-Zsugya 10D
7. Gergő Horváth 9A
8. Andor Bagarus 9NYD
9. Béla Bihary 11A
10. Áron Fehér 12D
11. Áron Szijjártó 10A
12. Ádám Varga 10B
13. Lorincz Daniel 12D
14. Simon Miksa